ChitChat Messenger for iOS and Android

As of January 8th, ChitChat Messenger is published live on the Apple app store and is now available to 700 million+ users--in addition to Android's 1 billion+ user market (courtesy The Apple "accreditation" is essential to ChitChat's success as its target consumer market hails the United States where users' handheld preference is majority iOS.

Mike Brown, founder and CEO of ChitChat Messenger says, "most people in the U.S. have iPhones; especially, the public figures and experts who I need to be ambassadors for ChitChat."

ChitChat Messenger is a futuristic messaging platform that allows users to charge in-app coins to respond to direct messages. In essence, millions of fans can now secure direct communication with public figures and social media superstars because powerhouse social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren't tailored for such accessibility and convenience.

So far, 2018 is already a success for Brown and ChitChat. We'll remain optimistic for the remainder of the year.

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